Thursday, October 9, 2008


You have just gotten back that big exam and your grade is awful. Now what can you do to get back on track before the next exam?

First, take a look back and examine what did you do to study and prepare for this exam. You must do a thorough review of exactly what you did right and what you did wrong because, to paraphrase a familiar quote, if we don't understand what has happened in the past, we are doomed to repeat it. That is, if we don't change the way we prepare for an exam, we will get the same sad result.

Second, re-read my post, What To Do After the Test, and follow up on the points listed. Specifically, argue close calls, ask for curve points, privately ask for special projects, and don't let any points go.

Third, come up with a new strategy for studying. You should have figured out what you did that didn't work, now begin to do what does work. Try index cards and re-reading your notes daily. Ask for and completely review any test study guides.

Start a study group with carefully selected members of your class. Make sure the people you study with will actually study and not just sit around and talk. A study group I knew spent so much time goofing off, almost all of them flunked the exam they were supposed to be studying for! If your study group doesn't help you to understand and grasp the material, don't waste your time meeting with them. In that case you are better off studying by yourself.

Remember that if you received a 60% on this exam, you need to get a 100% on the next to just average out to 80%. So this is the time to redouble your efforts to improve your grades.

Please come back tomorrow to read my take on what do you do after you ace an exam!

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