Friday, October 10, 2008


Yesterday we talked about how to recover from a poor test grade. Today let's talk about what to do after getting a fantastic grade on an exam. You may think, what's there to talk about if I got a great grade? There is plenty to think about.

If any of you are soccer fans, you may be aware of the general belief that the time a soccer team is most likely to give up a goal to the opposing team is right after the soccer team scores a goal themselves. In other words, soccer team A will reduce their defensive efforts after scoring a goal, therefore letting soccer team B score a goal. Don't let this happen to you.

Psychologically, are you more inclined to slack off or reduce your study efforts once you have received a good or great grade on an exam? This is something we must all face and fight. After getting a great grade, you need to reflect back, what did I do this time that made a difference in my grade? Build on the positive results by repeating those things that worked, and eliminate the time wasters and ineffective study habits.

What can you carry over to help improve your grades in other subjects you are taking? Did a study guide help or having a study group or re-reading your notes and writing up index cards? Whatever you determine to the reason for your success, try to duplicate on your next exam and in your other classes.

Resist the urge to slack off and continue to reach for each and every point available in your classes. Carry that "A" or "B" grade all the way through to the end of the quarter/semester.

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