Wednesday, October 8, 2008


When it's time to schedule next quarter's classes are you and your friends on the prowl for that sterotypical "easy A" class? Does the "easy A" class really exist and how do you find it?

Let me start by saying, registering for the "easy A" class is a great strategy for those quarters/semesters that you have a heavy load or particularly difficult class to take. There is nothing to be ashamed about looking for the "easy A" class as long as it fulfills some requirement towards graduating with your college degree. An interesting article was published recently in the Washington Post, "Relax the Mind, Repair Your GPA". This article promotes the "easy A" class as a way to help the college student spend more time on difficult classes without sacrificing their GPA.

In the college I went to, Criminal Justice classes were known as "easy A's". These classes were crowded and hard to get into unless you were one of the first to register for classes. I took Intro to Criminal Justice and sure enough, it was an "easy A". The professor never took attendance, the homework was negligible, and the tests were cotton candy. I became so interested in Criminal Justice that I ended up a minor in it.

Another way of finding the "easy A" is to discover what you are truly interested in. If you are truly interested in music, take a music class. You are much more likely to do well in a class that captures your interest. You will want to read the material and will retain it because it is interesting to you.

Then there are the "easy A" professors. Don't we all love these guys? The key here is to give them a reason to give you that "A". Don't skip class and turn in low effort papers and expect to get that "A". Talk to your friends and classmates to figure out early which professors are the most generous with their grading and then register early for your classes.

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