Thursday, September 25, 2008


Hey, you don't think I'm talking about the guy getting down on one knee with a big diamond ring kind of thing, do you?

Really, in my quest to spend more time doing fun things and less time studying, I decided I must be engaged while in class. If you are already spending time to attend class, then you might as well get everything you can out of it. So what does it mean to be engaged while in class?
  • Ask questions

  • Participate in classroom discussions

  • Clarify unclear concepts

  • Take good notes by listening carefully to the lecture

  • Listen and record due dates for homework, projects, exams, study sessions

  • Read assigned material before the class lecture (you will understand everything so much more if you read before the lecture)

Now here is what NOT to do:

  • DON'T bring your lunch and spread out all over your desk like you're at McDonalds. How many notes are you taking while dipping your greasy french fries in ketchup?

  • DON'T come late to class. Get there early enough to set up your books, notebooks, pens, and pencils. No one wants to hear you rustling through your backpack while trying to hear the professor lecture.

  • DON'T leave class early. A lot of good information is given either at the very beginning of class or at the end of class. Be there to hear it all.

  • DON'T text or call on your cell during class.

  • DON'T check your cell during class. It's a distraction plain and simple. You can't be absorbing the lecture and taking notes if you're checking your cell. Plus, you will be making the professor mad.

Now here is the most important tip of all. Read your notes directly after class, fill in any missing areas, firm up any areas you are unsure about, plus you will be setting firmly this information in your memory banks. To further increase your memory of the material, take the time to write your 3" x 5" index cards immediately after reviewing your notes. (See yesterday's blog regarding the use of index cards.) If you read your notes directly after class and immediately write up your index cards, you are well on your way to superior grades.